• Question: What don't you like to eat?

    Asked by sbyrnes771 to Barn Owl, Brown garden snail, Common Crane, Emperor Dragonfly, Hazel Dormouse, Catshark, Scotch Thistle, St Kilda Wren on 8 Dec 2017.
    • Photo: Lesser-Spotted Catshark

      Lesser-Spotted Catshark answered on 8 Dec 2017:

      Anything green! You probably have some relatives like me (or maybe you are a secret veg-o-phobe??) Thankfully I am adapted to be a perfect carnivore so unlike you I can survive without eating my greens. As long as it’s meat though, the catshark isn’t picky. They are ‘generalists’ which means they will eat just about anything they can catch!

    • Photo: Hazel Dormouse

      Hazel Dormouse answered on 8 Dec 2017:

      I am omnivorous because I eat nuts, fruits and insects! Although insects are not very meaty, they provide me with a very good source of protein. I don’t think I would like to eat anything bigger than a bug though!!

    • Photo: Emperor Dragonfly

      Emperor Dragonfly answered on 8 Dec 2017:

      I think dragonflies will try to eat practically anything that flies and is smaller than them…

      My scientist was out chasing dragonflies one summer and a big Brown Hawker (https://british-dragonflies.org.uk/species/brown-hawker) flew over and dropped something on the path in front of him… turned out it was the elytra (wing cases – hard inedible bits) of a ladybird. So the dragonfly had been munching on a ladybird, on the wing, despite ladybirds being amongst the most nasty tasting (hence the red and black) beetles! So, I guess they don’t like ladybird elytra…!

    • Photo: Common Crane

      Common Crane answered on 8 Dec 2017:

      I prefer eating veggies, but also tend to go for large invertebrates during the breeding period. Snails beware!
      So what don’t I like to eat? Things that are bigger than me 🙂