• Question: do people eat you

    Asked by guineapiggirl124 to Barn Owl, Brown garden snail, Common Crane, Emperor Dragonfly, Hazel Dormouse, Catshark, Scotch Thistle, St Kilda Wren on 8 Dec 2017.
    • Photo: Lesser-Spotted Catshark

      Lesser-Spotted Catshark answered on 8 Dec 2017:

      Yes they do! Once in the UK I was sold as ‘rock salmon’ and you could find me in many fish and chip shops. Thankfully (for me) I am not very popular anymore as my meat has a particularly strong flavour that not many British palates like. However I am still eaten regularly in France, Spain and Portugal. Unlike many species of sharks, the lesser-spotted catshark has a stable population and current fishing pressures don’t seem to be harming them on the species level.

    • Photo: Hazel Dormouse

      Hazel Dormouse answered on 8 Dec 2017:

      Although nobody eats me, people used to eat my cousin who is appropriately named the Edible (or Fat) Dormouse. They are much bigger and were a delicacy in Slovenia and even England during the Roman times after they were introduced to a forest in Trig, Hertfordshire. A small population of these can still be found there but it prevents us Hazel Dormice from being able to live there because they eat all our food and pick the best nest spots!

    • Photo: Emperor Dragonfly

      Emperor Dragonfly answered on 8 Dec 2017:

      I don’t think so – dragonflies are famous for smelling absolutley awful soon after they die – my scientists was once brought one as a “gift” by his cat – he doubted that the cat had caught it while is was alive (Tabby is not a very clever cat) and this was confirmed by the horrible, acrid sewery smell! Now wondering about Tabbies sense of smell…

    • Photo: Common Crane

      Common Crane answered on 8 Dec 2017:

      Unfortunately, yes :'(
      This is one of the reasons common cranes went extinct in the UK 400 years ago. People hunt down cranes, collect their eggs. We used to be the main course on banquets.