• Question: have you evolved much?

    Asked by guineapiggirl124 to St Kilda Wren, Scotch Thistle, Hazel Dormouse, Common Crane, Barn Owl on 6 Dec 2017.
    • Photo: Hazel Dormouse

      Hazel Dormouse answered on 6 Dec 2017:

      The Hazel Dormouse comes from one of the most diverse orders; rodents. Rodents have evolved to live in habitats all over the world; the capybara is semi-aquatic, flying squirrels can glide between trees and the naked mole rat lives underground in complex social groups. The Hazel Dormouse is not the only one of its kind, there are woodland and forest dormice, edible (or fat) dormice, garden dormice and they can be found in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas! Even more specifically their family (Gliridae) is the OLDEST branch of rodents so they have had to evolve from the Eocene era almost 40-60 million years ago to continue survival.

    • Photo: Common Crane

      Common Crane answered on 7 Dec 2017:

      We sure did! We birds used to be dinosaurs after all. And if you are wondering whether common cranes are the best of our order or not, just look at rails. They can barely fly and we fly almost as high as airplanes!